The early history of the arcane

When the end times happened, only the faithful were able to save anyone. As a result, only small pockets of humans were escape the death and destruction. No one knows why but the gods themselves chose a few lone mortals to save whom they saw fit. With the new age dawning, the faithful grew in power. Those without faith sought the power of those with divine powers.

Slowly and quietly they researched the arcane. It started slowly but the basics had begun. With so few to teach, quickly modern trades went away. Those that sought knowledge of the arcane searched feverishly in lands rumored to be mystic for knowledge. With much of what used to be gone or washed away, they foraged for what little bits they could find. It is rumored that a follower of Confucius was the first to learn and use the arcane powers. His personal foray into the magical arts he says came to him from Confucius himself in a vision. So few of his followers survived the end times that he taught this aspirant himself.

For many centuries afterward the small island of Taiwan was the sole owner of any followers of the arcane arts. It was a well kept secret. As populations rose and wars started to erupt, that is when the secret got out. Stories of fantastic feats done with magic started tow sweep the globe. Soon, people were flocking to Taiwan to learn these new powers only to be sent away. Soon, the clergy of the other faiths started on their own roads towards the study of the arcane.

Eventually, all of the other pantheons had come up with their own method of magic. Only three kept the arcane from their lands. The Judeo-Christians, Mormons, and the Muslims were staunchly against the use of the arcane calling them an affront to the divine. Even to the current they have kept to this philosophy. The only exception is the <class>. Who is seen as a servant of the faith and protector against such arts.

Over time, the wizards grew in power. At one point triggering a war amongst themselves. Many lives were lost in the crossfire. At the end of the war schools were setup in each of the lands and a treatise was entered into by all of the kingdoms. They would allow any to enter that showed aptitude to their schools and they would be allowed to travel freely and take apprentices. Soon there was a school for every school in every kingdom. 

The early history of the arcane

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